Workout with the Hubby

WOW. I really let this blog get away from me. We have been so busy with fixing up the house that I really haven't had time. NO EXCUSES! Tonight BJ and I worked out together. I love doing that b/c it is more motivating working out with someone else. Here is what we did...

Warm Up:
Joint Mobility

Heavy Squats w/ working my way up to 3RM (rep max)
45, 65, 95, 105, 115, 125 (125 was my max. Ok but not great)

Press ladders w/ 12kg 5 ladders up to 3
Ring Row ladders 5 ladders up to 3
(I alternated these two)

2-handed swings w/ 24kg 5 sets of 5

Cool Down:
LOTS of flexibility

Great workout! I love doing squats.

Till next time...