Why Your Diet Isn't Working For You!

I've been on some sort of diet since the age of...well I couldn't even tell you. Let's put it this way, I can't remember when I wasn't on a diet. I would lose the weight and then once I was done with the diet, I'd gain it all, plus more, back.

So I would go on another diet. Usually something different because I had gained the weight back from the previous one, so obviously that diet didn't work.

I was so wrong.

It wasn't until I figured out the one reason why I was yo-yoing so much, that I actually lost the weight and have kept it off.

That one reason?


Yes! I had finally figured it out!

I was going on diets and then coming off of them. I was losing weight and gaining it back.

It seems so simple, yet every day I see, women going on diets.

Every day I see, women coming off diets.

I get asked every day, what diet should they go on. Or which diet works the best.

It wasn't until I realized that it wasn't what I couldn't/shouldn't eat (i.e. a diet) that would help me lose weight and keep it off, but what I needed to be eating.

I just needed to eat.

I'm not saying I starved myself, no before. What I am saying is all you have to do is eat.

Eat whole foods. Eat nutritious foods. Eat the foods you know will help you reach your goal.

When I stopped worrying about what I couldn't eat, carbs, fat, sweets, etc. and I concentrated on what I needed to be eating to help me not only lose fat but fuel my workouts, I started seeing fat loss and I kept it off.

Losing fat is really not rocket science. To lose fat you need to burn more calories than you are taking in, but you also need to make sure your body gets the fuel it needs to live and keep you going. You need all kinds of healthy foods.

So I urge you to start eating.

Don't worry about low carb, low fat, low everything. Eat the foods we all know to be healthy.

Now, I am not saying just go out and eat everything you see, good, bad and/or ugly. No, you should still be sticking to a nutrition plan. I have a nutrition plan in place because then I know I am getting my fuel/food and I can see what, if anything, I need to change. And yes, if I am gaining weight, then I look at my plan and see what might be causing it.

It's so simple, people overlook it.

Try it for 2 weeks...