What IS Moderation???

  • the avoidance of excess or extremes
  • synonyms: self-restraint, self-control, self-discipline

You hear it all the time.

"Everything is OK in moderation"

People especially say this when it comes to nutrition and "dieting" (by the way...I HATE that word!).

But what IS moderation?

When I ask people, everyone seems to have a different answer.

I've heard having something in "moderation" means being able to have it every month. I've heard, every week. I've even heard every day, just not as much as usual.


I'll be honest...even I have a hard time defining it.

The one thing I do know is that people tend to use the word "moderation" as a way to rationalize what they are eating and how often.

I know this because I have, and still do this.

For example, I don't really drink alcohol, so when I have a drink every 2-3 months, that is my definition of moderation for that. But I do love me some ice cream! So when I have it once a week, that is my definition of moderation for ice cream.

So are both definitions for moderation or am I just rationalizing the definition for ice cream because I love it so much more than having an alcoholic drink?

It can become a slippery slope.

I do believe the word "moderation" can have different definitions depending on your goals.

If you can eat ice cream (or whatever your vice may be) once a week AND still hit your goals, then yes, that can be YOUR definition of moderation.

But if you are indulging in that vice once a week and you are not hitting those goals, I think your definition needs to change. You are now rationalizing.

Take a look at your definition of "moderation" and see if you need to redefine it.