We've all done it

OK ladies (and possibly some men) who buys a smaller size in either jeans, a dress or any piece of clothing to give them motivation to lose weight? *Raise your hand* Well I did that but I actually did it when I was 5 months pregnant. I bought a jean skirt a size smaller than what I was wearing BEFORE I even got pregnant. Talk about being confident in losing all the baby weight! :)

I actually have not tried it on since I purchased it, that is until today. Before I got pregnant with Parker I was fitting into a comfortable size 6 in most clothing. This jean skirt....size 4! And it's a little loose!!!


photo (12)












To say I am happy about my results so far would be an understatement. I am going to explain EXACTLY what I am doing in my next post, but until then I can tell you what I am NOT doing.

I am not... -Taking any form of "diet pills" or "metabolism starters". I am still nursing so that is out of the question. -Starving myself. First, if you know me I LOVE FOOD!! Also, in order for me to nurse I have to take in a good amount of calories. I eat and I eat a lot, I just don't eat junk. In the next post I will get more into what I am eating and how often. -Exercising hours and hours a day. Moms you know with a little one getting an hour to yourself to do whatever is sometimes hard, I don't have the time to exercise really more than 1 hour a day and sometimes it is even shorter. What I do do is use my time wisely. If I know BJ has 30 min between meetings or phone calls or whatever and can watch Parker, I go and do 20-30 min of KB swings. Planning is what is key here.

Please check back within the week to see exactly what I am doing to get myself to a size 4 (something I haven't seen for quite awhile).