We're Baaaaaaaaack!

BJ and I went to Texas for a long weekend this past weekend and it was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 70-75 the entire time we were there. A huge difference from the 35 degrees and raining in Milwaukee when we left!

We basically went down because I had a final interview with Centennial Hospital in Frisco for a Respiratory Therapist position. I had a great interview and got the job! The hospital is 8 miles away and is brand new and beautiful. So right now we will probably move completely down there mid-May.

While we were down in Frisco of course we worked out...outside! We had some KBs so we used those, but everyday we went for a run around the neighborhood and it was great. We looked out of sorts due to the fact both BJ and I had on tank tops and shorts and most of the people outside had on sweats and sweatshirts! I guess 75 is a little chilly for them!

It is nice to be back because we missed our "son" (dog) Riley, but we can't wait to go back!

Everyone is invited to come down whenever they like!