Week 4: Getting Over the Hump

I'm going to be honest. I'm not really happy with these progress pics. I thought of not posting. But really....what does that accomplish right??? I made a commitment to myself to post pics every 2 weeks, even if no one out there reads this.

So here we go....

The one on the left is from 7/10/15 and the one on the right is from this morning, 7/24/15.

Kori 71015

Kori 72414








This is where it gets hard.

This is where I look in the mirror and I get frustrated.

Not because I'm not working hard or liking how far I have come along, but because every, let's say 4 weeks ;), I carry more water than usual. My clothes fitĀ justĀ a bit tighter than usual and that "UGH!!! Why am I even doing this if this is what is going to happen!?!?!" sets in.

Well, I know why.

I know that within a week the extra water weight will be gone and I will have gotten even closer to my goal.

I know that this frustration, as long as I keep on track, is a temporary thing.

And I know that it's a mind game. One that can take over your life if you let it.

This is one of the issues I do have to help my female clients with. They will be working their a$$ off (literally) and are doing a great job with their nutrition, but that pesky little week comes around and a lot of their drive goes out the window. They see only the image at that particular moment, not how far they have come.


Let that 1 week a month go.

Keep working hard and keep moving forward!