Tuesday and Wednesday's Workouts

Tuesday was a strength day for me. I worked on my Deadlift, Ring Rows and Dips off the bench. Then I did 45 min of the eliptical and some ab work. Nothing too exciting, but it got me working and got the job done.

Today (Wednesday) was different. First, yesterday I worked out in our basement, which is fine but today I worked out outside. Today was a great fall-like day! It felt so good to workout outside. Here is what I did...

20 walking lunges
Double KB clean and presses w/ the 12kg x 5 reps
(I alternated these for 3 sets)

1hand swings w/ 16kg (5 sets of max swings on each arm)
25 BW Squats
(These were also alternated)

Dragged the 45lb sled around the yard for 10 min.

Walked on the treadmill for 45 min

I had a wide variety of exercises today, but they all felt great. My goal, as posted before, is to increase my conditioning and lose body fat. Today I feel very "tight" and thin, but when I stepped on the scale I was up 2 pounds from yesterday. It is crazy how that number can play with you. So I am just adding in some low intensity cardio at the end of all of my workouts. I like to walk anyways so it is not really working out for me. Tomorrow I have my rest day and I will be teaching a KB class.

Till next time...