TSC Results

What a great morning. Today was the TSC (Tacticle Strength Challenge) and not only did I have fun doing it, but I did 2 personal bests. Here is what I did...

Deadlift: 210# (Yeah and it actually felt light. I probably could have gone up more but you only get 3 pulls (attempts) so I didn't want to add too much and not be able to pull it. Next TSC I am shooting for 300).

Pull-ups: 0 (I have never really been able to do a pull up but something I am going to be working on)

KB Snatch w/ 16kg in 5 min: 77 (You have 5 min to do as many KB snatches as possible. You can switch hands as often as you like and put the bell down as much as you like).

So overall I am VERY proud of myself. I know I didn't pull the most or do the most snatches in the competition, but I am happy with the results. It was my first TSC so I have nothing to compare it to.

For the next 5 months I am going to be working towards different goals. I will post tomorrow what exactly those goals are and how I am going to achieve them. If anyone is interested in doing the next TSC, it will probably be in March of 2008.

Till next time...