Too Low Calories=Bad things

Ok so this very low calorie is NOT for me. At least not more than 1 day. Today I thought I was not going to make it at work. Everything just felt blah and like I was moving in slow motion. So much to the point where I feel like I am coming down with something. Yesterday I had a great workout. I did my fun 2-handed KB swing w/ the 12kg then ran around the block 5 times. That took 22 min. Then I pulled the sled around the yard for 5 min. I felt great! Worked up a great sweat, felt everything working and felt like I did something. But today I became aware that all of this working, sweating and very low calorie eating is not a good combination. Low calorie yes, but not as low as I have been going. One bad thing about me is that I like to test myself. I like to test how many swings I can do in X amount of min. How much I can deadlift. And how low I can take my calories before falling over. I think one reason why is because I need to know what feels right and what feels "wrong" so I can help my clients with their goals.

Today I am back to my deadlifts and squats and swings and presses. I can really feel my body changing and BJ notices it too. The scale has gone up but my "tight" jeans are actually loose on me now. It is actually really cool!

Well another day and another lesson learned!

Till next time...