Thursday, Jan 31st WOD

Today's workout felt strong. I felt like I could have squatted more, pressed more, swung more, etc. Step in the right direction! Here is what I did today...

Warm up:
Joint Mobility
Mills w/ 5lb Club bell (just messing around)

Squats 5x5

Swings w/ 24kg 6x5

Presses w/ 16kg 6x1
--I can only press the 16kg once on each arm. This is an exercise that I want to improve very badly!

Cool Down:
Lots of flexiblity!

Again, great workout. But today I found out BJ and I are probably going to Assist at the April RKC so I am really excited about that. I know it will be fun to see some new SrRKC's making their debut!

Till next time...