Thursday & Friday's Workouts

This week I started my new workout plan to fit my new goals. It has been great. It is always fun to start something new. Here is what I did yesterday and this morning...


Max VO2 w/ 12kg
15 sec on/15sec off of 7R and 7L
20 sets
(These are so much harder than they look on paper! I LOVE IT!)

Mobility with my squatting technique. Working on keeping my knees tracking and getting my butt to the floor.


Light day (I messed up this week, it should have been my Medium strength day)

Press ladder from ETK w/ 12kg
alternating with Ring pull-ups w/ assistance

Pistols w/ assitance x 4 on each leg

Push-ups 3 sets of 2

Overall a good week. Tomorrow I am just going to really work on my mobility and flexability.

Till next time..