The Myth That Just Won't Go Away!!-"Lifting Heavy Weights Make Women Bulky"














I had really thought (OK, maybe really hoped) that this myth was going away. But sadly over the past couple of weeks, I have heard it more and more.

"Lifting weights make women big, bulky, manly, etc."

"Women need to do really high reps with really low weight to 'tone up'."

"If you don't want to get big/bulky/manly, then do tons of cardio!"


I've posted about this before, showing you a video of a client. She is a mom of two, in her 30's and deadlifting over 200#. This is a regular thing in her daily programming. Yet she weighed less than she ever has. And had the curves that would stop traffic.

The opposite of what women are told.

In the picture above, to get ready for that photo shoot, my program consisted of weights.

Heavy weights.

And I used those heavy weights to build the muscle I wanted and to help shed the fat I didn't want.

Women do not have the hormones needed to build the muscle of a man. We do not have the hormones to get "big and bulky".

If your body is getting bigger, it's not necessarily your program, but your nutrition.

You can train 7 days per week, have the BEST program out there, but if you don't change your nutrition, you will probably get "bigger".

I have a couple more weeks with my Kettlebell training, but then right after that I am going back to those heavy weights.

I miss them and I miss what they did for my body composition.

My goal for the weeks following the end of my Kettelbell training, is to not only go back to my heavy lifting, but to show as many women out there that lifting heavy weights will not make you "big and bulky".

I'm also going to show how having the right program and nutrition in place, can make you achieve the body of your dreams!