The Heat Is On!!!!

Two reasons for my title....

1. My training is really starting to heat up. Getting better at my pistols and my pull-ups. Plus I am really starting to kick my own ass with my workouts.
2. And the other reason for my title...IT IS HOT DOWN HERE!!! AND I LOVE IT!!!!

I just finished working out, it is about 6:15pm, and I think it is still about 90 degrees. I love being able to workout outside and just sweat!!!

Here is what I did today...

Warm up:
Pistols, Pull-ups and Bent presses

Main workout:
30sec on/30sec off x 30 min
I rotated between 2 hand swings and 2hand swing/goblet squat.
For the first 20 rounds I did the 2 hand swings w/ the 16kg and then the 2hand swing/goblet squat w/ the 12kg. Then for the last 10 rounds I did all with the 12kg. BJ didn't want me burning out my legs. I still have a lot of pistol training to do before the Level 2 cert at the end of the month.

I feel great after this workout.

For the next 3.5 weeks I am going to be training 3 days on 1 day off. I want to make sure I give my body the rest I need. But my training days are going to be intense. I will always do my pistols, pull-ups and bent presses for warm ups. They are great to warm up with b/c you hit everything, plus I am practicing a skill I need to know. Then I will always do some sort of main workout like swings, snatching, or long cycle jerking.

As for my eating/food. I am sort of doing the Warrior Diet by default. With me working the night shift (7pm-7am) I usually don't eat until 5-6 pm. Especially on days I work b/c I don't want to be eating for 24hours. And believe me...I could!!!

That is it for now...