Thank You

I was extremely overwhelmed and humbled by all the wonderful support and kind words people sent me from my last post about not being able to compete and feeling like a failure. I didn't post all of that to get the "warm and fuzzies" but to show that yes, even if you do put in all the hard work, dieting, blood, sweat and tears...we are all human and things can happen.

Once of the most touching messages I received was from a client. This literally brought me to tears...

Thank you for your blog. It means the world. I'm having a real hard time right now; trying to get it together. So much stress with work that's it's been an extreme roller coaster and yes I'm an extreme emotional eater.
In the past when I fall i can get right back up again; this time I haven't been able too. I had a surgery over thanksgiving and my body isn't healing fast or easily like it has in the past. I feel stuck again!

Its been extremely hard for me this past 2 years to lose weight, eat healthy and change my way of thinking and feel I've accomplished something,that I felt very alone. I say alone because i don't know if anyone could really understand. 

But I knew if I want to achieve my goals I have to be honest with everything to get my mind right and to get the right support. The mind can be so evil!!!!

I say all this because your blog helped me to see its ok, it's natural. It's important to take time and reflect but do NOT stop training and do not give up! From reading your blog it's like a light went off and everything FTA has educated and trained me on is flashing back, per say. I am my own destroyer!!! 

So I know I probably rambled a lot. But I felt as if I could share with you because you would understand! Thank you!!!

THIS is why I post about my "failures". When I read a blog/story about someone who has gone through, or is going through, the same thing I have, it also gives me hope.

I love social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. LOVE IT! I love looking at how other people are training, eating, posing (bikini comps), etc. But the one thing I have noticed is people only post the good. Most will not post the videos of them NOT getting the rep or NOT having a good set.

We all need to fail. It sucks, but in the end, if you admit to that failure, you will get better.

So in the end of this all, I want to say "THANK YOU" to all of you who read my blog, who have commented on it and for all the encouraging words you have said to me over the past week. It truly means the world to me.