Supplements that Make A Mom Lean

Last Friday I talked a little about the supplements that I used during my 8 week lean out. And I wanted to go more into detail about each one and why I use them. One thing I do want to preface all of this with is that to remember these are exactly what they are called...SUPPLEMENTS. Meaning, they supplement your already clean diet. They do not work miracles or "burn the fat", but help you with your goals. They also should not be used as a replacement of all your food. Please do not using a liquid diet to try and reach your goals, it will not end nicely. Now that I have all that out of the way, here is what I used and why!

First and foremost I always take a multi-vitamin and a good fish oil. This basically sets the foundation for my day. No matter what your training is like or how great/clean you eat or even if you're not training at all, everyone needs a good multi-vitamin and fish oil. I also take Adrenal health to help with stress and recovery.

Multi Fish









The second supplement I always keep on hand is a good protein powder. I don't like to substitute my meals for a protein drink, but if needed, I love that it's an easy and quick way to get my protein in for that meal. I love SFH (Stronger-Faster-Healthier) Pure chocolate protein for a stand alone drink and SFH vanilla protein to put in my smoothies. The powder is not chalky at all and mixes really well. But please make sure you don't try and substitute too many meals too often with protein powders. Real food is always best.










Those are both my "everyday" supplements, but I do add more supplements for on my training days. Here is what I take during those days...

Pre-workout: For my pre-workout I like to have something that will give me a little kick (caffeine wise) but nothing that will jack my heart rate up or make me feel like I'm going to crawl out of my skin. I started using a new one called PUSH from SFH. I'm really loving this product. I take it about 30 minutes before my training and feel great throughout.










For during my strength training sessions, I used a combination of Xtend BCAA's (Lemon Lime flavor..SO GOOD!) and Glycofuse (unflavored). I sip on this throughout my training making sure I finished it by the end of the session. The BCAAs allowed me to train without worrying about having the muscles breakdown as well as help with recovery. The Glycofuse (sugar...GASP! Yes, sugar!!) helps feed the muscles and helps fuel your workouts. Remember, you can't run a car if you have no gas in the tank. Same goes for your workouts. Plus these two combined tastes SOOOO good!!

Xtend Glyco








After my training I then have one more drink. This time I combine more Glycofuse and SFH Recovery chocolate protein. The sugar in the Glycofuse helps with muscle recovery as well as the SFH Recovery. This way I know that I'm building that lean muscle, I'm fueling it and I'm making sure I am recovered for my next training session. Sometimes I will switch to just the Recovery protein for my drink (the switch just depends on what BJ is wanting me to do that week), but I will ALWAYS have post-workout carbs.

SFH Glyco









There you have it! All the supplements I used while leaning out and I will continue to use these for my next'll have to check back here this week to see just what that will be ;)