Sunday, March 30th

Today I decided to do my snatch workout with the 16kg. For awhile last year I was working with the 16kg a lot when I was training for the TSC. Then I don't know, I just stopped working with it. Felt good to work with a heavier weight, but the funny thing really didn't seem heavier. (?) Here is what I did

Snatches w/ the 16kg R24/L20 with 1 hand switch. My grip is not as strong on my left hand.

Swing workout (Inspired by Tracy)
At the top of every 2min....
20 2hand swings w/ 12kg
15 2hand swings w/ 16kg
10 2hand swings w/ 24kg
**Then I rested for the remainder. Usually 30-35 sec.**
Did this 10 rounds = 20 min

Practice of pistols and pull ups