Sunday, Feb 24

This past week was not a good one. Not necessarily with my workouts or food, but with the rest of my life. On Wednesday night I think I either got food poisoning or a really bad stomach bug because I was up all the bathroom. Poor BJ was kept up all night too because of me. So Thursday was shot for working out and even eating. Felt better on Friday, but still not really able to eat until dinner and even then, didn't feel very good.

But now I am better and I had an AWESOME workout Sunday night. Even after working 12hours! Here is what I did...

Warm up: 3 sets of squats, push ups and pull ups

Snatch w/ 12kg for 6min 12rpm only switching hands once! 72 reps/arm
Clean and Jerks w/ 16kg 5 ladders up to 3 (1min break inbetween each ladder)
1hand swings w/ 12kg 3sets of max on each hand R=50,45,40 L=40,40,30
**My L hand is so much weaker than my R, and I can totally feel it is my grip.

All in all I feel I had a great workout. Very happy with my results.

Food is going very well.

And I just want to say I lost another 2 pounds this past week!

Till next time...