Stronger Than I Thought

Today's workout felt great. BJ and I put together a better strength program than what I had done these past couple of weeks. I needed more structure. Here is what I did today...

Deadlift: 5x3-- 111, 131, 141, 151,151 (lbs)
Push Press Ladders w/ 16kg KB--3 ladders of 3
Negative Pull ups--3 (start at the top of the pull up and let myself down slowly)
Curls w/ 15lb dumbell in each hand--3x5
Snatch w/ 16kg KB--5 sets to max--5/5, 5/4, 4/3, 3/3, 2/2

Walking on treadmill 45min

Abdominal work on the BOSU ball

Surprisingly working with the 16kg KB was easier than I had thought. Not easy by any means...just easier. I can tell with the way I am eating too that my strength is going way up. A lot of protein and fat with very few carbs during the week and carbing up on the weekends. This past weekend was not a great workout weekend as for the fact that I worked the night shift on Friday into Saturday morning and I was too tired to really do anything Saturday. So Sunday I went for a 30 min run outside...very nice. I am not a huge runner, but I do enjoy it time to time. As I said above my food is going very well and I have decided to decrease my calories this week by just a little to see if the scale goes down. It is just weird, I really think I am putting on a lot of muscle and things are "tightening up" because even though the scale is going up, my clothes are more lose than last week. Even my work scrubs are starting to fall off when I have to run to codes! Not a good thing! We will see, I am just going to have to play around with it.

Tomorrow I will be doing my conditioning workout....

Till then!