So last week I posted my goals and my before pics at 6 weeks after having Parker. But the one thing I didn't post was my starting weight. For some that is not important, and really for me I don't care how much the scale says because it is how I look (meaning I want to look lean) that is more important. But I do need to have a starting point.

When I stepped on the scale on Monday, June 10th I weighed 145#. Not bad.

I have already lost my baby weight. Yes, I am pretty lucky. I only gained 18 pounds throughout my pregnancy, mainly due to the fact that I could not eat more than a couple of bites every time I sat down because of how high she was sitting. But not being able to workout/train the way I was used to has made some areas VERY soft looking. And....I lost my butt! My name is Kori and I have a flat butt. :( That will change believe me!

My "soft" areas and my butt will be changed by Kettlebells! In my opinion Kettlebells are a girls best friend. Although I do still love diamonds....(BJ if you are reading this! :))

My next post I will go into how I am using Kettlebells to get my body back and how it plays into my first goal!

Stay tuned!!!