So.....Now What?












Since hitting my 8 week goal last week people have asked me, now what am I going to do?

Am I going to continue to diet and lean out even more?

Am I going to let loose for awhile and eat whatever I want?

Answer: Neither.

Both of those are common mistakes people make after they have hit a fat loss goal. I have not only seen it happen, but have also done it myself.

So my goal for the next 4 weeks is to maintain what I have accomplished over the past 8 weeks.

Too many times people try to continue the hard training and/or diet they were on because of the great results they are getting. They think that if they continue all that hard work, they will continue getting those great results. And in a perfect world, that would be wonderful, but in reality, it just does not always happen that way.

You need to give your body breaks from time to time. You need to let your body rest or you can start to fall backwards and start gaining that weight back.

And by breaks I mean changing up the training, possibly backing off a day or so. Eating a little less strict, but still sticking to good nutrition habits. NOT letting myself eat whatever whenever just because I hit my goal.

That is another mistake many people make. They think because they have hit their goal they will stay at that place forever. They back way off on their nutrition  and their training and before they know it, all, if not most, of the fat they lost, comes back. And then they are back at square one.

So for the next 4 weeks I am going to stay with my good nutrition habits but instead of being 100% with my clean eating, I am going to be a little less strict.

What does that mean?

It means that I will allow myself a reward meal every week, instead of just 1 or 2 every 4 weeks. This will help me with my training, my sanity and in the end my overall fat loss believe it or not.

My training is also going to change a bit. I'm hoping to put on some lean muscle for my next set of goals after these 4 weeks.

Again, I will be posting pics so you can see that maintaining that fat loss is possible. I'm also going to start posting some great exercise videos and "how to's".