So Far, So Good!

My diet has been going very well so far. Today is day 4 of my leaning out phase and with my new way of eating. And to tell you the truth my energy is a lot higher than I thought it would be. I have been making sure to eat as much fiberous carbs and veggies as I can. I love spinach so I have been loading up on that food. Otherwise, just making sure I get enough healthy fats and protein, and ofcourse keeping my water up. This weekend has been pretty hot here so I have been trying to take in even more. I don't want another episode like a couple weeks ago when I was severly dehydrated and could not finish my workout.

Here is what I have done for my workout over the weekend...

1.5 hour bike ride with BJ. Felt good and made me excited about our 150mile bike ride next weekend!

Rest day. Usually I take Sunday as my rest day, but we put up a new shed in our backyard yesterday that took all day. Plus being out in the sun all day really takes a lot out of you.

Sunday (today):
1 hour walk with BJ and Riley(dog)
2hand swings w/ 16kg 30sec on/30 sec off for 20 min
Abdominal work
A lighter day today, but that is what I had planned for Saturday so I figured that is what I would stick with.

So far, so good. I am feeling strong and have a lot of energy for my workouts. I work a lot this coming week so we will see how the diet goes. I am sure I will be fine, but it will be a true test!

Till next time....