So Close to 8 min

Saturday I decided to try to go for 8 min of snatching w/ the 12kg with only 1 hand switch. So that would be 48R/48L.

I came so close!

I got 48R (WOO-HOO) and then only 40 L. So this coming week I know I will get it!

Yesterday's workout was good too. I didn't make the snatch numbers I wanted, but my swing workout rocked! Here is what I did...

Snatches w/ 12kg 6 min 36R/36L
**I think my grip was still hurting from Saturday**

Swing workout:
1hand swings w/ 24kg 5R/5L x 5 rounds
1hand swings w/ 16kg 10R/10L x 5 rounds
1hand swings w/ 12kg 20R/20L x 5 rounds
=350 swings

All in all a good workout.

The next couple of days will be very busy due to the fact BJ and I are getting ready to go down to Texas on Thursday for a long weekend. I have a final interview with the hospital in Frisco. Frisco is where our house is. I am very excited to see it again. Also, Friday is BJ's birthday so it will be nice to spend it somewhere warm!!!