That's basically what I have been doing all this week. For those who have been following my blog and goals, you know my next goal is a bikini comp on September 13th. Well I have decided to pull out of that one.

In short my body has not been cooperating the way it has for the past couple of comps and basically I am not ready for it. Upper body looks great. Lower body (thighs/calves) also look great. Abs/stomach...don't know WTF is going on there. So why is my body not "cooperating" like it has? Well we did make some diet changes and my sleep has been pretty up and down for the last 6 weeks, which can and will mess with your body. And honestly these are the only things I can see that would make my body hold onto fat in the abdominal area.

But even this is not going to discourage me. I have decided to find out what went wrong and come back "stronger". I am going to take the next 14 weeks to fix my diet and lean out for a competition on December 6th. My coach and I have a very strong game plan and I am very excited.

Here we go!