Second 8 Week Lean Out Finished!!! But I Weigh MORE!?!?!?!

A week ago I finished my second 8 week lean out. It was just another challenge/goal I wanted to meet and I did. But the funny thing about it is I weigh 5 pounds MORE now at the end of it than I did during after my last lean out just 12 weeks ago. KoriBliffert-22












I will admit at first this freaked me out, I mean the scale is the end-all-be-all right?

Well, we know that is not true. I have less body fat now than I did 12 weeks ago, I put on more muscle (especially in the leg and butt area which was where I wanted to add) and my clothes are actually a little too big for me now. So I know that the extra 5 pounds that the scale is showing, really means nothing. I look better now, even with the extra scale weight, than I did 12 weeks ago and I LOVE it!

It has taken me MANY years to get over the scale and the number it shows me. I used to be obsessed with it. If it was even one-half pound more than I wanted, I'd flip. I now understand that the scale number is just that....a number. It doesn't show all your results.

I'm extremely happy with the results. I love challenging myself to get to my goals and the satisfaction I have once I've reached them.

Next week I'm going to talk about how long it actually took me to get to here and what I had to do to reach my goals.