Quick update and a what's in store for TLAG!!!

Just a quick update on my training and where I am going from here. The pic on the left was taken on 4/12/15 and the pic on the right was taken yesterday, 6/25/15.

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There is are 11 weeks in between the pics and there is some noticeable leaning out/fat loss from yesterday's picture.

The goal from the past 11 weeks was performance based, specifically Kettlebell Sport. Yes, I did drop down in a weigh class, going from roughly 137 pounds to 127, but some of that was water loss and some was fat loss. The fat loss that did happen was certainly from the Kettlebell training. The majority of my goal was based on going 10 minutes with the 12kg kettlebell and getting 200 reps. If you haven't already, you can read how I did at the Kettlebell competition at the beginning of June, here.

But now I have a new goal and a whole new program I am so excited about!

Starting Monday, I will go through an 8 week program that will help me get stronger and leaner than I have ever been!

What I am most excited about is this will be the same program, exercise and nutrition wise, I am launching within the next couple of months for the Train Like A Girl program geared towards moms and women who want to look lean, strong and positively sexy!

I will be posting weekly updates on how I am doing as well as videos from my training. So you can see just how well the program works!

I’ll open the doors for this exclusive program in a couple weeks so be sure to fill out the form below, you’ll be the first to know and the have the first chance to reserve your spot!

If you are interested in getting the information about the new Train Like a Girl program before everyone else does, then make sure you fill out the form below!!!