Progress is Still Progress









Picture this....

You've spent the past 4 weeks giving your all to your training program.

Your nutrition...perfect to a "T".

You're ready to step onto the scale. I mean you must have lost at least 10 pounds right!?!?

You step on, and....

ONLY 4 (sometimes less) POUNDS!?!?!?!!

WHAT THE?!?!!?

All this time, work, effort, passing up "bad" food...for what!?!? A measly 4 (or less) pounds?!

In a MONTH!?!?


That's IT! I QUIT!!!!

Yes, I've been there. I know just how frustrating it can be when you think you are not making progress.

Or at least the progress you feel you should be making.

But wait, let's take a step back and really look at this.

You DID lose those pounds, however small of a number they may be.

You DID start to set yourself up to reaching your long term goal.

You DID make progress.

That is why I love the quote above. A lot of people, myself included sometimes, think that they should be making more progress than they are when they start a training program. But we all have to remember, even the smallest progress IS progress and it is just setting you up for the end goal.

So don't quit. You ARE making progress!

**Make sure you check back next week on ways to track progress besides the horrid scale!**