Owning Up

Ok this is my last post for today...I swear!

I have decided to post my goals for losing fat. I hate to say I want to lose weight, because I don't want to lose my muscle, so I am going to lose fat. Anyways, weight has always been an issue for me. I don't know what my heaviest was, but I can tell you when I was at my heaviest size 16 was tight on me. Well I am back at that stage where I have let myself put on some weight and I want to take it off. But I am putting this out on my blog because I want to own up to anything that goes on, good or bad, for the next 3 months with my weight lose.

Here are the stats..

Current weight (2/7 AM): 138lb (I don't know body fat % right now b/c that scale need new batteries)
Goal weight: 120-125lb I have been at this weight before, when I met BJ, and I looked good and strong. I am only 5'3" so 120-125lb is not too low.
Goal date: April 25, 2008. April RKC I just picked this date because I will have to weigh in and it is just a good goal date.

I know one of the biggest problems is my food and eating habits. Way to much to go into right now, but let's just say I can eat all day and still not be full. For the most part I am good with my eating and a lot of the crap I do eat is at work. I will be really tightening up my belt on this issue. No pun intended.

I will try to blog about my journey every day if not every other day. I will reach my goals and I hope to learn more about myself doing it.