Off to the RKC...Well tomorrow anyways

Sorry I have not posted in so long. I have been extrememly busy with work (3 different jobs), training, and training for myself. Enough to make a person want to sleep for a week! Well tomorrow BJ and I are off to St.Paul, MN to the RKC this weekend. I am very excited for this will be the first time I get to be an assistant instructor since my RKC in April. I am very interested in how everything works and how much more I am going to learn. It is so great to have everyone come together and share ideas of how they train or how they teach or how they whatever!

When I come back I will start working on my goals for next June which is the RKC 2. With the RKC level 2 you must be able to do a pull-up and a pistol (1-legged squat). Both of which I need serious work on. As for my training right now, I am doing great. I am slowly but surely losing the fat I want to and reaching my goals.

That is all right now, I will let everyone know my experience at the RKC as an assistant instructor next week! Have a great weekend!!!! I know I will!