Oct 2007 RKC

Yet again the RKC weekend has raised the bar on information and just plain fun! This past weekend BJ and I went up to St.Paul to assist at the RKC. This was my first time assisting since becoming a RKC in April. It was BJ's second. We drove up there on Thursday morning, got to the hotel and chilled for about 2 hours until 4pm. At 4pm we went to the rec center where the certification takes place to help with the kettlebells and arranging products. Then that night there was the Meet n' Greet. I got to see some people who I had the pleasure meeting in April and of course got to meet some new faces too. I found out I would be working with Kenneth Jay (Senior RKC) who was my Senior in April. Very cool. Along with Kenneth, Bob Bodai (spelling?) also assisting in our group.

Also, Tracy came up to visit from California and came to the Meet n' Greet. It was great to talk to her and let her know her blog not only helps me but helps a lot of my clients. Thanks Tracy!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday all great days. I learned so much and I met so many wonderful people. Our group was great. You could tell they all had a passion for learning and for Kettelbells. But I must say that the COOLEST part of the whole weekend was Saturday night. Saturday night is when everyone goes out to dinner at a great restaurant and you sit, eat, talk, etc. But this time was exceptionally cool. This time BJ and I got to eat dinner with Pavel "The Evil Russian" himself, Brett Jones (very cool guy) and Jeff O'Connor. All three are so nice and all I could do is sit there and soak up the information.

I want to thank everyone who attended the Oct 2007 RKC because you made it a great one! I can't wait until we get to assist next year!