Numbers Lie

I used to dread waking up in the morning and stepping on the scale. That stupid little thing would set my mood for that day. Or I should say....I LET it set my mood for that day.

If the number was what I wanted it to be....HAPPY KORI!

If not then I would mope around until the next morning, praying the number changed to what I wanted it to be. Hoping that whatever workout I did that day made the number go down.

Then one morning, after seeing a number I REALLY didn't like, BJ pulled me aside and made me look in the mirror.

He pointed out the definition in my arms, the lines in my abs and the fact that my clothes were almost hanging on me.

I was telling myself (and BJ) that the program wasn't working because the scale was going up. Yet what I discovered was that the program was doing EXACTLY what I had wanted it to. It was helping me get leaner, not weigh less.

Last Friday I posted a progress pic. What I didn't post was what the number said on the scale. (see pic below)

Kori scale 8715








Last Friday I actually weighed in 1 pound MORE than I did when I started this 8 week lean out.

Was I upset? Nope!

I'm not upset because I know 3 things...

1. I am building muscle, one of my goals. 2. I am getting leaner, again another goal. And I can see not only definition in my arms and legs but also in my abs. Lines that have never been there before are starting to show up. 3. I'm fitting into clothes I have not been able to (at least comfortably) in years! This morning I worked out in an outfit that was way too tight on me only 3 weeks ago.

I am letting the results I am seeing ON my body determine if the program is working, not what I am seeing on the scale.

Many people live and die by numbers, especially the one on the scale. My advice...DON'T! Numbers lie! I am proof of that.

If you are truly doing what you are supposed to be doing in your program, and not drifting off the path, then you will get the results you want. Losing scale weight is easy...just stop eating. Losing fat, that's a bit harder but not impossible.

To track your progress, let pictures and measurements be your determining factor, not the scale.