No Motivation!

This morning I could have sat around the entire time until it was time to get ready for work and leave at 11:45am. I seriously had NO MOTIVATION to do ANYTHING today but watch tv and play on the internet. But of course I sucked it up and did my workout. More on that later.

So why did I not have any motivation today? Well a couple of reasons...
1. I was tired!
**Yesterday I worked a double at the hospital (16hrs) from 6:30 am to 11pm. Takes a lot out of you.
**And secondly I am having issues with my thyroid again. Thank goodness I am seeing my MD next week.
2. I was plain lazy this morning. Doesn't happen very often, but today it did.

But as said above, I sucked it up and went downstairs and did my workout. Here is what I did...

DL #135 6x2
2handed swings w/ 12kg KB 30sec on/30sec off for 20 min

I had to combine my DL day and my conditioning day today due to the fact I couldn't workout yesterday because of me being at work for 16hrs. After I did the workout though I felt so good. I am glad that I didn't let me being tired and lazy bring me down.

For more on my motivation go to A lot of my clients have been asking me what motivates me and where do I get it. I decided to share it with all of you!

Till tomorrow!