My First Bikini Competition-Texas Shredder Open

WOW! Honestly that's all I can say about my experience from this past weekend.

If you have not been keeping up, this past weekend I competed in my very first bikini competition in Austin, TX. If you know me, you know this is completely out of my comfort zone. But that is one of the reasons why I did it.

The entire weekend was one of the most exciting, tiresome and longest weekends I have ever had. I did this competition with one of my good friends Kristy Wall (see pic below). We wanted to do this together since it was both our very first time. I was glad to have a "partner in crime" the help with the nerves.

photo 4








We drove down on Friday to Austin and right away checked in and got our tanning on. I don't think I have ever been so dark! LOL! Then we had the pleasure of waiting inline for 2 hours to check in....again. Not fun considering we were both very hungry and tired, but knowing everyone around us was in the same boat, helped. After the second check in we went back to the hotel to get a good night's sleep. Although trying to sleep and making sure your tan doesn't rub off results in not so much sleep. Plus, well I was extremely excited!!

Saturday I woke up at 5am and it was time to get all dolled up! Once that was all done we were off to the show to pick up our numbers! photo 2 (5)








Then it was a waiting game. Unfortunately the bikini category is the last to go on and I didn't get to go strut my stuff until around 2pm. Like I was a long day.  So we watched some of the show and tried to relax a little before getting all excited to go on. We also decided to practice our posing... photo 3








Then was our time to shine!!! I was literally up on the stage for maybe 5 min. Did my posing for about 10sec. But I was so happy! I, Kori Bliffert, former fat girl...really not that long ago. Was up on stage IN A BIKINI in front of 100s of people! Never in a million years did I think that would happen. I didn't do this to win an award (I've won already by reaching my goal) or to go pro or to make it in this sport. I did it because I wanted to feel sexy again. I wanted to do something that would take me to the next level. And you know what?? I can officially say I DID!

After going on stage the first time (we did have to come back later that night to go on and walk up to be introduced...but nothing exciting) I went through my phone and found a picture I took from the morning I went into the hospital to have Parker (see below). That was taken on 4/25/13 and the pic next to it is 50 weeks later (4/12/14). I don't brag about myself....well ever. I like to brag more about my family and friends, but I am so freaking proud of myself that well....I LOOK FREAKING HOTTTTT! ;) photo (15)photo 1 (4)








From the first check in, to the tanning, to the hair and make up, to the "hurry up and wait", to going on stage IN A BIKINI and then finally the not showering for almost 36 hours (yeah we smelled). It was so much fun and such a great experience that I am doing it again in 4 weeks!! Yep, on May 10th I am going to compete in the Europa games bikini competition. And I even have higher goals for this one!

So please make sure you follow me through these next 4 weeks and even longer....because yes, I do have more goals for this year.