Monday, March 17th (HAPPY ST.PADDY's DAY!)

Workout this morning went well. Could have gone better. For some reason I just don't have the UMPH for morning workouts with KB's. I think it might be a little mental too. Here is what I did..

Warm up: 10 OH squats w/ 6' PVC pipe
5 Push ups
1 Pull up
**Did 3 rounds of this**

Snatches w/ 12kg 36 R/36L . 1 rep every 5 sec, 1 hand switch

Swings w/ 16kg
20 2hand swings
1hand swings 10R/10L
10 Transfers
**Did this 10 rounds w/ 1 min break inbetween.

Again, not a bad workout, but I wanted to do more with the snatches.