Mini "Sissy Test"

I decided to start over with the "Sissy Test" Brad Nelson put together due to the fact it is a brutal workout and I want to improve on my time. This time though I did the Mini version. I didn't want to take a step, well more like a jump, backwards but after working so many weird hours and my intense workout yesterday I don't want to over train and/or injure myself. I have also decided that I want to incorporate the "Sissy Test" once a week in my workouts. It is a great conditioning workout for me and I just really like it. Every week I will add 1 more "round" of Burpees and Swings. Although I think from now on I will use the 16kg for my swings. The 12kg was just too light. And we don't want to go light! Here is what I did today...

Warm Up:
5 sets of 5 Deck Squats (really need to work on my squatting strength for my pistols)

Mini "Sissy Test"
1-12 Burpees
12-1 2 handed KB Swings w/ 12kg
**13:48 for time**

50 Reverse Crunches on an inclined bench
50 Inclined Sit ups

My legs are fried so I know it was a great workout.

Till tomorrow...