Love Those Intervals

Yesterday I decided to take a day off from Kettlebells and go for a run. Then I thought, "I HATE TO RUN!". Well actually I am not one to just go and run for hours on end. So I decided to make the run interesting and throw a bunch of intervals in. Interval training is an awesome way to get A LOT of work done in a short amount of time. Same is with Kettlebells. Also, it makes the workout more interesting. Here is what I did...

5 min warm up run (5 out of 10 intensity)
30 sec of sprinting (9 out of 10 intensity) with a 90 sec rest of jogging (4 out of 10 intensity)
I did the sprinting 10x
5 min cool down jog
5 min cool down walk

Total time of workout 30 min

It felt great! It was really humid out yesterday so I sweated a lot more. I did all of the running around my neighborhood and for some reason all of the sprints worked out where I was sprinting up-hill. Oh well, just another perk ;)

I would recommend doing intervals with any cardiovascular exercise. For me just doing something over and over, such as running or an eliptical, for 45-120 min does nothing and is extremely boring. By incorporating intervals you are able to do a lot more work in a shorter time period and burn a heck of a lot more calories.

Till tomorrow....

Train Hard...Train Like A Girl!