Knowing when to back off...

For the past 4 weeks I have had to back off from my workouts a lot. Had a little bit of a scare with my pregnancy (exercising had NOTHING to do with it) and my doctor told me to take it easy for the rest of my pregnancy. For me taking it easy is hard when it comes to working out. I like to lift heavy, sweat a lot and make myself feel like I have actually accomplished something in the time I was training. And with the weather warming up here in Texas, going on a great run is calling out to me! But I know I cannot do all that and that this is not forever. I am doing it for my baby girl. Somethings are just more important.

Now I could have taken what my doctor said and given myself the green light to be lazy, not workout, or at least move a little, but I know that is not healthy for myself or for my baby. So instead I looked at what I can do. Here is a typical workout session for me...

Incline bench press with dumbbells Seated pull downs **These are supersetted 3x12-15

Seated shoulder presses with dumbbells TRX pulls (usually I do a different variation every time to switch it up) **These are supersetted 3x12-15

Dumbbell curls Dumbbell flys **These are supersetted 3x12-15

That is my strength portion. It is all upper body because right now doing any kind of squatting or lunging is too much. Then I either do step ups on a 12in box for 15-20min (taking breaks when needed) or KB swings with a 10kg bell, doing 10 reps then a break, repeating for 15-20 min.

I will do this workout 2-3 times per week and then pick 1 or 2 days to just walk. Compared to what I used to do, this is not much but like I said I have to keep my baby girl safe and know when to back off.