Kettlebells and Pregnancy

Using Kettlebells has been my favorite tool for working out for the past 12 years. I was using them before they became the fad (not in a good way) they are now.

I am one of those women who are not afraid to lift heavy, use barbells with bumper plates and get down and dirty with a workout. In fact, having to scale back my workouts because I am pregnant is killing me….but I understand why I have to do it and I am willing to for the safety of my baby girl.

The one tool that I don't have to scale back on, whether it be weight or exercises, are Kettlebells. I am able work around my belly with all the exercises and get a whole body workout within 20 min. That's another thing I am getting used to…20 min of working out and I am winded UGH!…but I digress.

I stick with 2-3 movements, usually the Snatch, the two-handed swing and the Goblet squat. I do these movements in timed intervals.  Sometimes all I do is the snatch, sometimes I combine a couple of swings then throw a Goblet squat in there. The combinations are endless which means you get a great workout everytime.

Along with the endless amounts of combinations for the movements, the actual working out around your belly is simple with a Kettlebell. Granted there are some movements that your belly might get in the way, but then you just do not do those. There are enough exercises out there to do with a Kettlebell that not doing those couple movements will not do any harm.

Please make sure you ask your doctor if it is OK to workout during your pregnancy, every woman is different.