Keep on Working!

It is funny what happens when you start working towards a new goal(s) is all you can think about! My new goal is to lean out. Basically I want to drop some body fat. After the RKC in April I sort of "let myself go" and got a little soft. I think it was because I trained and worked so hard for the RKC, my brain kept telling me..."Ah, go ahead....EAT!" Yeah, that needs to stop. I think I was in the best shape of my life at the RKC. So now all I can think about is eating right and training. It gets a little frustrating, but I am motivated!

September 1st is my goal date. For myself I need a goal date or else I procratinate and things don't get done. I am not quite sure how much I want to lose, but I am thinking around 12 pounds. It may be too much, it may be just enough, I don't know. I will have to go by how I feel and look.

For the past couple of days all of my workouts are being done with the KB, of various sizes depending on the workout of the day. And most, if not all, have some kind of swing combo.

This is what I did yesterday. It is actually a workout Tracy Reifkind did awhile ago that looked like a nice workout...

40 2hand swings w/ 12kg KB---1 min rest
40 2hand swings w/ 16kg KB---1 min rest
10 2hand swing, 2hand swing/squat w/ 12kg KB---1 min rest
10 2hand swing, 2hand swing/squat w/ 16kg KB---1 min rest

Run 20 min to losen up the legs from all the swings and squating.

Monday's workout
Double 1hand swings w/ 8kg 30 sec on/30sec off X 20 min

I felt Monday's workout yesterday....felt good! I haven't worked with 2 KB in a long time and I think I am going to do it more now.

Till next time...
Train Hard....Train Like A Girl!