Just Goofing around

After being at the RKC all weekend I got the urge to try a lot of the exercises that I haven't done in a long time. So this week I am dedicating all of my workouts to just goofing around and working on some lifts. This is what I did today...

TGU w/ 12kg 1R/1L x 3

Transfers w/ 12kg 30sec on/30 sec off for 10 min

2hand swing/swing-goblet squat w/ 12kg 30sec on/30sec off for 10 min

Messed around with the Bottom's Up cleans and presses. Remembering to use what I learned about tension from Jeff O'Connor's lecture (which was great by the way!)

It felt good to do all of these and go back to the basics.

Till next time...