It's Time!!!!

Well tomorrow is the BIG day!! Tomorrow I go in to be induced and we finally get to meet our little girl! I will say there have been many ups and downs with my workouts during these past months. In the beginning, nothing had changed...I was able to workout just like I normally do. Then around the 5th-6th month I found out just how much my training was going to change.

I had to slow down, and for me that is hard! I like my workouts to be intense, even on my recovery days. :)

I had to stop running because my bladder couldn't take it and using heavy weights was just something I could not do. And even though it took a lot for me to adjust to the slower pace of working out, I still was able to get my great workouts in.

So obviously tomorrow, and until my doctor gives me the green light, I will be stopping my workouts. I will look more into walking, it is starting to get gorgeous here in Texas, and I will slowly build up my stamina. I do have about 3-4 goals in mind for the next year. Some small and some VERY big and VERY out of my comfort zone, but that is what makes it exciting!!!

I hope you all stay tuned and see just what I come up with!