Is the Grass Always Greener????

We all have one. That friend who can eat whatever the hell she wants, never workout and yet is still skinny!

And what do we think of that friend???

"BITCH!" (Don't deny it)

I mean they have the perfect life when it comes to eating and maintaining their weight...right?! And what we wouldn't give to be in their position.

Yeah, I thought so too until I really started working with women in this category and have found that, yes they may be able to eat what they want, but that doesn't mean they don't go through the same issues we curvier girls do. Issues such as body image, finding the right training program, getting the right nutrition and making sure they are healthy.

Meet Stacey.













Stacey is a young 42 year old mom/wife/career woman and has been a client for over 5 years. She has always been the "skinny girl". She grew up hearing "You're so lucky to always be so thin!". But just because she has been thin, doesn't mean she doesn't have her own obstacles when it comes to her weight.

Stacey is not a person who seeks attention.  And a lot of the attention she gets, when someone does comment about her being skinny, it can make her feel uncomfortable. Hearing those comments or people drawing attention to her "skinny legs", although these people may be trying to show they are envious and complimenting her, used to make her more self conscious when she was younger.

One of Stacey's toughest obstacles is trying to put on lean muscle. Sure, she can eat a bunch of food and put on scale weight, but that doesn't mean the weight that she is gaining is lean, healthy muscle. She has learned that she too needs to eat a variety of healthy foods to gain the muscle she wants without gaining the fat that can come with it if the proper nutrition is not in place. Stacey wants the same thing as most of you, a health body that is lean and toned, NOT just skinny. <<<<----Big difference.

As Stacey is getting older (although from the picture you can see the woman doesn't look at day over 35 in my opinion, if not younger), her metabolism is slowing down just like everyone else's. And because she is tall and thinner, she may be able to hide the weight she does gain a little better than most, but she does gain it if she slacks off on her nutrition and/or her training. Just like you and me.

As you can see, just because someone is "skinny" does not necessarily mean are not wanting to improve and challenge themselves physically. They too need to keep themselves on a good program to help them reach their goals. Being "skinny" is not everyone's goal.

I am glad we are able to help Stacey with her goals and it's awesome to see her confidence in building her strength. But in the end it is Stacey that has taken it upon herself to not let the comments get to her and be the best she can be. This is something she shows her children and others who may be struggling around her.