Increasing calories can do what?!?!?


As a woman the last thing I used to believe is that INCREASING calories helps DECREASE your body fat. I mean I grew up in the "Jane Fonda Era". My mom would eat cottage cheese twice a day and do her JF tapes. That's how you lost fat. Right??? WRONG!!! Sure the scale might go down, but everything is still jiggly.

Over the past couple of weeks I have slowly, repeat SLOWLY, been increasing my calories to over 2000. And what I have found is I am getting leaner, my "muffin top" is slowly going down, I am getting you can see them!! and over all I am feeling great! And here is the proof...

photo (13)










And this picture was even taken during a bloated part of the week.

As of today (2/8/14) I have 8 weeks till my first bikini competition. Seeing this picture right here, I am confident that I will look my best on 4/12/14.

Ladies, and men, don't be afraid to eat. Your body is like a car, if the car has no gas/fuel, it won't run and neither will your body if you are not putting food in it. If you are one of those people who won't go over 1200 kcals a day, start slow. Don't try to eat 2000 kcals and think you will drop weight. Slowly, even 50 extra kcals every week, add those kcals in. Add in lean protein, healthy fats and yes even carbs (my favorite).  You will not only feel a great difference in your training, but you will see a great difference in your body.