I'm Back!

OK, so to say I have been slacking on my blogging would be a HUGE understatement. To be honest I didn’t know what to write about. I mean, sure I have goals, but if it gets boring for me to write about it, it has to be boring for you to read about it. But now I am back and yes, this first post back will be about my goals. Sorry. Anyways...in one of my last posts I let you in on my secret that I have gotten a little addicted to the bikini comps. Scary...I know! So, I have one coming up in about 7 weeks and a couple of days. For this one we really honed in on what I needed to work on. My upper body for one, which by the way looks PHENOMENAL if I do say so myself! ;) And my glutes. I mean c’mon….your booty is where it is at!

Also, while I am training for my third comp, I am also going to compete in a Kettlebell competition. When it comes to Kettlebell comps, I do them for fun. The energy at them is great and it gives me some other ways to train.

So that’s about it for this post. My next comp is on September 13th and I am really excited for it. Check back here because I am going to be featuring some well deserved recognition for some AMAZING women!