I'll be hurtin' tomorrow!

Today's workout was more about building strength and working on technique than it was about "working out". Like I have blogged about in the past, I have a couple of main goals I am working towards. One of them is to be able to do a Pistol. A Pistol is a 1-legged squat all the way down to the floor and then back up. For some, it is an easy task...for me, not so much. Part of my problem is my lack of flexibility in my hips. That is another goal of mine, to gain more mobility in my hips to help fix not only my posture but my squatting. Here is what I did, it may not look like much, but believe me, I felt it!

A1: Squats w/ 15lb medicine ball 3x10
A2: 1-legged deadlift w/ two 15lb dumbells 3x6

B1: Step-ups onto box 3x6
B2: Pistols on box 3x3

C1: Dumbell curls w/ 10lb 3x10
C2: T-bar rows w/ 20lb 3x10

Walked on treadmill for 30 min.

Basically all lower body, but as said above, that is what I am concentrating on right now. Once I get my Pistol and my hips more mobil, it will all change.

Till next time, Train Hard...Train Like a Girl!