I learned my lesson...

Today I learned my lesson on dehydration! The lesson I learned....it will kill your workout! I normally do not workout on Sundays (usually my day off) but I didn't workout on Friday because my body was just not going to move a Kettlebell. I think the combo of pushing myself two days before and then having a really tough day at work (hospital) I needed a break. So I just told myself I would do Friday's workout on Sunday. Well, not as easy as one would think. Saturday BJ, my brother, and I went for a 2 hour and 25 min bike ride (approx. 25 miles) to really start training for our big 150mile bike ride at the end of July. I drank a lot of Rehydrate and thought I drank enough water throughout the day yesterday...I was wrong. You don't realize how much water you lose biking because it evaporates so fast and you really don't sweat. So today's workout paid for it. I am actually really dissapointed in myself. One lesson I always emphasize to my clients is hydration. Well all I can do now is take this lesson and move on and make myself better for it.

Here is what I did today for my workout. Not very happy with it because I wanted to do more.

Clean-Press-Squat w/ 12kg Kettlebell 5R/5L alternating after each C-P-S
1 min rest
Did this 5 times. I was shooting for 10 sets...again couldn't

2-handed swings w/ 12kg Kettlebell 30 sec on/1 min off X 10 times

I had to stop after that, my form was suffering and it just didn't feel right.

Like I said, I learned my lesson and hopefully will hydrate myself a lot more come next weekend.

Till tomorrow...