I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I found out that BJ and I will be Assisting at the RKC in October! This will be the first time I will be assisting since I was certified in April of this year. I was so excited I was telling everyone at work. This will be fun to see the "other side" of the RKC. When you are going through the weekend there is so much to do and so much to learn you don't always see everything. So that is my big news for the week!

Yesterday's training was a different story. A couple of weeks ago I decided to cut back on my calorie intake so I can lean out more. That went well. Then this week I decided to cut back even more...not so good. The amount and type of training that I am doing needs me to eat and have enough calories to just get through my day. Yesterday was a horrible day! Being so low cal for 4 days hit me big time and all I could do was the eliptical for 30 min. I had planned on doing more of a cardio/conditioning day, but I wanted it to be more challenging than just the elipitical. Again...lessoned learned! So starting today I am bumping up my calories just a bit to help me lose fat, but also keep my workouts strong. My feeling is, if my workouts are not strong, what is the point of doing them!?

This Sunday is Ozzfest! A bunch of us are going and we are going to have a blast! Have a great weekend!

Till next time...