Howdy Ya'll!

Sorry had to do it since we just got back from Texas. I hope everyone's Christmas was great. I know ours was because it was warm! Like I said a couple of posts ago...I HATE SNOW! And Wisconsin got a lot of it while we were gone.

Our trip was really nice and relaxing. BJ and I did every workout outside because it was 50 degrees or higher every day and the sun was shining! Coming back was a different story. We came back on Friday 12/28 and Wisconsin decided to have a huge snowstorm that day. Our flight was originally going to take off at 10:35am but then got delayed until 12:05pm, ok not bad. We got off at 12:05 and then 30 min before we were suppose to land the captain said the Milwaukee airport was closed because of the snow and we had to go to Des Moines, IA until it reopened. So we sat on the Des Moines airport on the plane for about 90min. We finally got home in our driveway around 7:30pm. But what can you do!?!

Here is my workout for today. It is tougher than it looks!

Warm up of...
*Deck squats
*Pistols (just going down right now, need to learn to get back up!)

5 rounds for time
*50 Deadlift High Pulls w/ 30#
*50 Squats
*30 Back extensions
All 5 rounds took me 30:20 min. Not bad for time, but the workout kicked my butt!