How I know I am losing Weight

So yes, the scale will say I lost weight. Or the mirror. Or the way my clothes fit. But the absolute way I know I am losing weight is when my scrubs don't fit anymore. They have never been tight by any means, infact they are always a little lose. But the other night I was working and a CODE 4 was called (patient in trouble) and I had to run to the patient and well, my scrub pants almost fell to my ankles. I actually had to run and hold my pants up. Now, I am not saying I was happy about the patient being in trouble. In fact I didn't even think about my pants until after everything was said and done, but I am saying it is the little things like having your pants almost fall off that makes you realize you are losing weight. So when you are trying to lose weight, whether it be 5 or 50 pounds, don't just go by the scale. Hard thing I know! But think about how you feel doing your day to day work and how it is changing because of the weight loss.