How I choose "New Year's Resolutions"

It's that time of year where everyone is making those "New Year's Resolutions". Promises they make to themselves. Promises that will likely be lost and broken by the end of January.

Most resolutions are those made up of "I want to lose 'X' amount of pounds".

And that is fine. I mean, if that is your goal...then great, but have you had that resolution or even that goal before? Maybe since last New Year's?

I have, I've been there.

Every year setting a new New Year's resolution of "I'm going to lose 'X' amount of pounds!!!"

I was always very determined in the beginning. First 2-4 weeks I was excited and determined to reach my resolution. But I soon got frustrated and steered away from those resolutions.

Frustrated because I wasn't reaching my goals.

Then I took a different approach.

I decided instead of setting resolutions/goals of losing weight/fat, I was going to set performance goals.

So instead of "I want to lose 'X' amount of pounds", I said "I want to be able to do 3 unassisted pull ups". Or, "I want to be able to snatch the 16kg Kettlebell for 10 min non-stop".

While working on these, the byproduct will be fat loss, or a change in my body comp without me obsessing over if the scale is moving.

So write down a couple performance goals. Whether they be to run your first half-marathon to being able to Deadlift 250 #. Then start working towards THOSE goals/resolutions and you will see your "fat loss" resolution will happen no matter what.