HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so I did my running intervals like I wanted to. 13 to be exact. I jogged for 45 sec and then sprinted for 15sec. Felt good. Then we I came back I saw BJ had the sled out and was pulling it around the yard. I thought to myself..."Hmmm...why not?!" So when BJ was done I took the sled from him, wrapped the belt around my waist and away I went. At first I was just going to go back and forth in the yard for around 5 min. BJ had other ideas in mind! After a couple of drags back and forth BJ motioned for me to go around the house...I did. Then he motioned for me to bear crawl the length of the yard twice...I did. All I can say is HOLY COW! Actually I could say holy something else, but I will refrain. I had sweat just pouring off of me. I swear our neighbors must think we are crazy. The entire sled dragging took 7:45 min, but it seemed like an eternity. When I was done I told BJ we should have taped it, he said: "Tomorrow". Oh boy!

That is what Training Like A Girl is all about!